Inclusive Golfing: Accessibility Features at Crow Creek

Choosing the right golf course to enjoy oneself can seem daunting, especially when it comes to considering access and comfort for all. In 2021, we are lucky to have golf courses like Crow Creek Golf Club in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, that blend superb design, exceptional playing conditions, and comprehensive access. This article takes a closer look at the accessibility features at Crow Creek that make it a pleasure for everyone.

A Barrier-Free Perfect Outing

Designed by Rick Robbins, an ex-Jack Nicklaus design associate, the facility opened in 2000. Crow Creek Golf Club has since established itself as a standout course in North Myrtle Beach with its barrier-free layout. It features 18 holes spread across a low-country terrain laced with sparkling blue lakes, and to complete the picture, the popular Calabash River forms a stunning backdrop.

Facility Design

The club’s design facilitates ease of movement for individuals who may require mobility aids. Wide pathways focusing on least resistance form a comprehensive network across the course. Multiple golf cart paths have been constructed, allowing golfers with physical handicaps to easily navigate. The golf course was designed with an all-forward tee system encompassing four sets of tees, an attribute that has received high praise from the golf community – not least because it provides golfing opportunities for all skill levels.

Inclusive Clubhouses

The clubhouses have been specifically designed keeping universal access in mind. The entrances are wheelchair-friendly, with ramps installed for easy accessibility. Inside, visitors will find dining areas, pro shops, and various amenities set at a convenient level for those in wheelchairs. Larger restroom facilities that can accommodate wheelchairs and mobility aids have also been installed.

Upgraded Golf Carts

Crow Creek possesses a fleet of golf carts equipped with GPS systems and eco-friendly electric engines. These carts are perfect for people with disabilities as they offer a smooth, relaxing ride round the course. For those who require additional support, the club procured SoloRider golf carts. These specialized carts are designed to assist people affected by myriad physical impairments. Featuring a single swivel seat that aids easy mounting and dismounting, the SoloRider cart can also be tilted so a golfer can play shots without leaving the cart.

Tournament Accommodations

At Crow Creek, inclusivity extends to their tournament design as well – the club hosts multiple tournaments that have categories for disabled golfers to participate in. The club provides disabled golf players with the necessary facilities and accommodation to ensure they partake on a level playing field.


In championing the cause for accessibility in golf, Crow Creek Golf Club has set a benchmark that other golf clubs around the world can aspire to reach. Whether you are a novice golfer or a seasoned professional, the course offers opportunities for all to enjoy the sport in a relaxed, comfortable environment. It’s not just about 18 visually stunning holes, but also about providing a fully accessible and inclusive experience for all golfers, without compromise.

Crow Creek is a testament to golf’s unifying aspect, which overlooks physical or age constraints and allows people to bond over their shared love for this beautiful game. It is indeed a shining example of how inclusive and accessible design can revolutionize sports, echoing the truth that golf is, and always has been, a sport for all.Visit Crow Creek Golf Club for a truly inclusive golfing experience—where the game accommodates the player, and not the other way around.

3 thoughts on “Inclusive Golfing: Accessibility Features at Crow Creek”

  1. Heard of this Crow Creek; always wanted to go there. They promote inclusivity, and I respect that. Good read!

  2. Love the all-forward tee system at Crow Creek. Always felt that more courses should implement this. It’s perfect for beginners, and it also gives seasoned players a touch of variety. It’s these small details that really set a course apart. Anyone knows of other courses applying a similar model?

  3. Gotta say, the SoloRider golf carts sounds great, I have a friend who would really appreciate that feature. Next time I’m in Myrtle Beach, I’m certainly checking out Crow Creek…hopefully, less sandtraps than my home course 😀

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